Jim Simpson
Handmade Studio Pottery
I have always loved making pottery. I have been lucky in that the twists and turns of my life in ceramics have allowed me to experience many forms of pottery making using stoneware, terracotta, earthenware, red, white and black bodies all with associated slips and glazes. I have built many kilns firing on wood, oil, reclaimed oil, gas and of course electricity. I have thrown individual items, production thrown, slip cast, slab and hand built and also modelled blocked and cased so I could make working slip cast moulds, machine moulds, and most moulds used in the process of pottery making. I have also built burners for kilns and made machines for producing pottery. I have set up workshops and factories, along the way meeting lots of good and interesting people. I have loved and enjoyed it all even my mistakes with no regrets. You could say it has been a very long apprenticeship although you never do stop learning. I now just make what I feel like and sometimes combine it with my other love, that of painting, by using my patterns and pictures on my pots. I still get the same thrill and enjoyment from making ceramics that I always have.
Jim Simpson Ceramics
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